Friday, February 26, 2010

In Which Yr. Devolutionist Packs a Bindle

Rep. Dean Heller is worried about hobos on the march (H/T to Wonkette):
Heller said the current economic downturn and policies may bring back the hobos of the Great Depression, people who wandered the country taking odd jobs. He said a study found that people who are out of work longer than two years have only a 50 percent chance of getting back into the workforce. “I believe there should be a federal safety net,” Heller said, but he questioned the wisdom of extending unemployment benefits yet again to a total of 24 months, which Congress is doing. “Is the government now creating hobos?” he asked.
The Devolutionist has been pondering this statement while playing the blues on his harmonica and waiting for his campfire to heat up a can of beans: Heller thinks there should be a federal safety net but questions whether the government should be extending unemployment insurance? Um, if the government extends UI, doesn’t that at least delay the creation of hobos? 

Or perhaps this safety net is an actual net to sweep up all newly created hobos and take them to the nearest Soylent Green processing facility, where they will be ground into a protein-rich paste that can be fed to poor people who at least still have homes?

Oh who am I kidding, the paste will be used by our moneyed class to re-grout the solid-gold tiles in their bathrooms.

Ha ha, hobos are funny, with their adorable little beards and their feet wrapped in newspaper.

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