Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In Which the Devolutionist Stifles the Urge to Hate-Fuck the Rotting Corpse of Time Magazine

Anytime a right-winger whines about the mainstream media and its propagandistic pushing of evil liberalism on the unsuspecting mass of idiot sheeple that populates America (said right-winger is not one of these sheeple, having awakened just in time to the "truth" of the world as spouted by Limbaugh, Beck, et al.), you can always point this person to Time.

Yr. Hungry Devolutionist was in line at the grocery store buying the ingredients for a large pot of chicken chili on this cloudy and cool Southern California Wednesday when he saw that the cover of the current issue of Time touts an essay by Newt Gingrich entitled "A Blueprint for Bipartisanship."  Newt Gingrich.  The guy who shut down the federal government in 1995 in a snit because his seat on an Air Force One flight was too far back and that was apparently The Last Straw.  Newt Gingrich rides in the front of the plane, dammit!  And he gets all the little bags of peanuts he wants!  

Newt Gingrich.  A Blueprint for Bipartisanship.  

Yr. Devolutionist should know better, but he was having trouble focusing on a badly needed rewrite of his novel today and sometimes anger provides the fuel he needs to work, so he took a peek at the article.  The first sentence of the second paragraph jumped right out: "Obama should not be afraid to drop the 4500 pages of Democratic health legislation."  That Newt!  What a card.  Of course Obama should be afraid.  The Congress has spent an entire year putting those pages together and getting them through votes in both chambers.  If they dropped the whole thing now and started over, there would be about two Dems left on the Hill after November.

But let's assume that Newt was not higher than Charlie Sheen when he wrote that sentence.  After all, if anyone in the history of American politics has been prone to intellectual honesty, it's the Newtster.

Ahem: "The summit is an opportunity for Obama to reunite with the American people by dropping the Big Government bill and opening up to a genuine bipartisan solution."

Newt must have been in a tequila coma for the last nine months or so.  Otherwise he would know that the liberals in the Democratic Party have been tearing their hair out that a) Congress has never considered any type of single-payer system and b) the Senate dropped the "public option" in about two seconds when it became obvious that conservatives, particularly sock monkey lookalike Joe Lieberman, would welcome Osama bin Laden into the Republican caucus before they would vote for a provision that might give the insurance companies a hint of competition.  He would also know that the Dems have already compromised and put quite a few Republican ideas into the current Senate bill

Yr. Nonplussed Devolutionist is not even going to get into the competing polls on this matter, both the ones Gingrich mentions in his piece and the ones that completely repudiate him.

This is all just mental masturbation, of course.  Newt either knows these things but he is being disingenuous, or he does not know these things and is blind to any evidence that contradicts his personal ideology.  Believe it or not, the Devolutionist is betting on the former.

In any case, never let it be said that the mainstream media does not give conservatives a forum to air their opinions.  On health care, as on more than a few issues over at least the last ten years, the right has been given more than enough chances.  The fact that they have so often turned out to be wrong does not seem to be slowing them down.

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