Thursday, January 5, 2012

In Which The Devolutionist Contemplates Re-Launching His Blog...Again

Here we are once again in a new year.  Time for all of us to make resolutions and pretend we're going to stick to them!

At the world headquarters of the Devolution, this means contemplating this blog in all of its splendor.  What to do with it? Leave it alone?  Delete it from the Intertubes?  Start a new one on WordPress or Tumblr or Rumblr or whatever platform is all popular with the kids these days?

Honestly, your Devolutionist has no faith in his ability to write something here every day, or even multiple times a day.  Problem is, he has no other outlets for his thoughts, save for the comment boards at a handful of other blogs.  Also Facebook status updates, but that is also a small audience and way less anonymous.  If I insult a relative over there, that person is going to know.

Bottom line though, is that I need clips and I need the outlet.  So I guess I'll start once again throwing my thoughts on a few things up as often as possible and see if anything sticks.

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