Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In Which The Devolutionist Makes a Point So Obvious Even Greg Gutfeld Could Grasp It If He Was Not Such a Blithering Jackass

Fox douche noodle Greg Gutfeld has a post that would insult the intelligence of Fox News website readers if your average Fox fan had the intellectual curiosity of even your average house plant.

Sometimes Ye Olde Devolutionist wonders how people much more passionate than he can spend all day every day correcting the record on this sort of lazily-written crap.  Gutfeld parses the number of Americans without health insurance and finds that nearly 20% make between $50,000 - $75,000 per year, and another 20% (give or take) makes above 75K per year.  Thus his conclusion: "So while we've been constantly told that people cannot afford insurance, these numbers say otherwise."

An honest analyst would break these numbers down a little further. Let us say, for instance, that Greg Gutfeld is saddled with a wife, two kids, a mortgage, no employer-provided health insurance, and a salary of sixty grand a year.  Thus he is forced to experience the joy of purchasing insurance on the open market, where premiums for a plan for a family of four can reach hundreds of dollars per month and easily include a deductible of $5000 or more per year.  And even after all that, the plans still will not always offer comprehensive coverage.

And this is on top of a mortgage or rent, food, clothes, possibly car payments if Gutfeld and family live in an area with poor public transportation, and whatever other incidentals a family of four has of which your Single Devolutionist is unaware.

And if a member of your family has a pre-existing condition?  Good luck, citizen!

Besides that, Gutfeld is missing part of the point of health-insurance reform, which is to prevent the insurance companies from gouging the living shit out of buyers on the individual market, or dropping a person's coverage the minute he or she gets sick.  This is a thing that happens, in America!  Perhaps Gutfeld, who obviously makes personal responsibility a hobby horse, would like us to blame his theoretical child for developing leukemia?

Besides, one assumes that if taxes are going to pay for any part of "Obamacare" (a term the Devolutionist hates, but whatever) that includes the taxes paid by people who make more than fifty grand a year.

But then, one cannot expect intellectual exploration and honesty from a guy who writes for BigGovernment.com and regularly has Andrew Breitbart as a guest on his show.

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