Sunday, March 7, 2010

In Which Your Devolutionist Makes the Mistake of Seeing What's Up on Open Salon. Again.

Like a bug to a porch light, a child to an abandoned refrigerator, or women to Charlie Sheen, Yr. Hypertensive Devolutionist finds himself drawn into blog flame wars every now and again.  Usually this happens when he visits Open Salon, reads an interesting post, and then idiotically checks out the idiotic comments from the contrarian and ill-informed conservative/libertarian/wingnutty morons who think they have the most clever and well-thought-out arguments to make to educate us liberals about our lunatic naivety.  All without getting personal, of course!  Because only left-wingers are nasty, thuggish name-callers!  Because right-wingers are really nice people reluctantly drawn into the fight to hold the line of freedom agaisnt the encroaching government-run politically-correct socialist communism the liberals would love to ram down the freedom-loving throats of great patriotic Americans everywhere!

Sorry, the Devolutionist almost went off-track into an angry rant there.  But yes, this happened over at Open Salon again this morning, as it does every three or four months.  Your humble editor should know better by now: people are assholes and you can't change minds with logic or truth.  It's unfortunate, but if people want to be misinformed who am I to stop them?

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